BALI – Where to Stay??? … with kids

Planning a trip to Bali but not sure in which area to book your accommodation? If traveling as a family, I’m sure you’ve asked where would be the best place to stay with kids?

Even though Bali is a small island it is divided into a vast array of towns. Each and every one completely unique.  No matter what your style or your requirements, you are sure to find your niche!   

Here is a summary of the top spots in Bali.

Bali – Indonesia


We really liked the relaxed vibe in Sanur.

  • We found Sanur to be very family/kid friendly.
  • This is pensioners haven.
  • Lots of bars and restaurants along the beach.
  • Sanur has beautiful beaches with no waves – my kids loved playing in the calm waters.
  • Somewhat cheaper than other areas.
  • There is a scenic paved walkway along the coast that stretches for kilometres.
  • Sanur is divided into two parts – Beachside and Western Bypass.
  • Try to stay on the beachside area in order to access the beach, shops and restaurants by foot.
  • You will find cheaper, local restaurants more to the south of the beach – don’t let the plastic chairs put you off, the food is tasty and fresh at cheap prices. 
Fresh Fish and chips

Our recommended restaurants (warungs):

— Jack Fish

— Titi’s Warung

  • Buy souvenirs at Hardy’s Shopping Centre – they have a floor full of souvenirs at cheap prices – therefore no hassling with vendors about prices.
  • Taxi’s are everywhere to be found but try to negotiate the price. Read Bali Travel Tips before you go!
  • Sanur is really easy to walk around.
  • Recommended Budget Accommodation –>  Sukun Bali Cottages
  • Recommended Villa –>  Villa Kubu  (View this villa in our video)
  • Recommended Villa –>  Villa Bajang Sari


  • Kuta is a very touristy and very well known town in Bali.   
  • Kuta is not one of our favourite places due to the fact that it is challenging to walk around, it’s just too overwhelming with heavy traffic (even on the sidewalks) and too many vendors.
  • Sitting on the beach, you are guaranteed to be approached by not only one, but by several desperate and very pushy vendors.
Kuta Beach
  • You will find lot’s of shops selling crafts at inflated prices.
  • I would give Kuta a skip if you are short on time.
  • Recommended accommodation –> Risata Bali Resort and Spa


  • This is the “fancy” and upmarket area of Bali. 
  • Luxurious and secluded hotels are nestled along the coast.
  • Breathtaking beaches at your feet.
  • A bustling and energetic town.
  • In need of some designer clothing?  This is your place – upmarket designer stores to pick and to choose from.
  • This is the perfect destination to spend your honeymoon.
  • Recommended accommodation –> The Bandha Hotel and Suites 
  • Recommended accommodation –> Padma Resort Legian


  • The hot spot for surfers, expats, youngsters, cool dudes and yuppies.
  • Canggu is the newest development in Bali and all the 20-year olds are flocking to Canggu.
  • Beautiful rice fields amongst the streets.
  • The streets are very busy with scooters rushing past. It’s a challenge to walk along the streets – especially with children! No or limited sidewalks.  
  • This town has a distinct surfer vibe.
  • Shopping is limited, with only 2 or 3 grocery stores.  Not the town to buy souvenirs. 
  • We did not find Canggu very family friendly.
  • Canggu has a black sandy beach – we were not too fond of the black sand…
  • Despite all the things we were not too keen about, it is still the spot where you will find the most beautiful sunsets!
  • Enjoy a coconut in the comfort of a lazy old beanbag.  Beers and local food available from the warungs on the beach. When the sun has set, everyone packs up an it’s time to go.
Canggu Beach


  • This is paradise to all nature lovers, health conscious people, vegans and yoga fanatics. 
  • Here you will be surrounded by the most beautiful rice fields, jungles, rice terraces and temples.
  • Ubud has a very spiritual community and the locals wear their traditional clothing on a daily basis.
A Balinese lady in her traditional attire
  • Prepare for lots of walking amongst the rice terraces.  We recommend that you do the Campuhan Ridge Walk. It is a 2km one way walk, 4km in total. Take lots of water and go early in the morning or late afternoon.  Luckily there are lots of restaurants (better known as warungs) towards the going end of the walk.  Watch our video.
Campuhan Ridge Walk


  • Mostly all tours will end the day with a dinner on the beach at Jimbaran. This is the place with the most spectacular sunset.
  • As the sun sets, hundreds of restaurants set their chairs and tables out on the beach. 
  • You can choose a romantic spot where you can enjoy a candle lit dinner with toes in the sand.  Alternatively, you can dive into a bucket of beers with some mates just a few restaurants away.
  • Even though this is a tourist hotspot, this is not an area that we recommend to book accommodation.


  • This is a surfer’s paradise! You will find some informal surf shops and warungs.  
  • It must be the highest and most spectacular cliffs we have come across in Bali. 
  • We did not really find this a very child friendly area so if you are traveling with kids, it’s not worth the effort in getting there.
  • Not a recommended area to stay with kids. 
  • Be sure to visit the Uluwatu Temple, renown for it’s spectacular location – right on a steep cliff at about 70m above the ocean.
  • Recommended accommodation
Steep cliffs at Uluwatu


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  • ACTIVITIES & TOURSThere are a lot of tours in Bali – going to temples, Balinese dancing, rice terraces, silverware etc. These can all be arranged through your hotel or numerous travel agents all over Bali. Or safe yourself the hassle and book online
  • ACCOMMODATION – Know where you want to stay? Book now!

For some inspiration, watch some of our Bali video’s. We had the best time on this beautiful island!


We wish you a smooth and memorable trip on the magical island of Bali!! Hope these tips were helpful.

P.S. Let us know which part you stayed in and what did you / didn’t you like? We would love to hear from you!!

Safe travels!!


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