Kuala Lumpur On a Budget … With Kids


Where to stay and places to visit in KL

Making Memories in KL

Making Memories in Kuala Lumpur at the majestical Petronas Twin Towers

KL is definitely a city to visit with or without kids.  We spent 4 days in this magical city and made awesome memories. This is how we did it: 


  • Hotel Petaling (China Town): We were out exploring most of the time and really just needed a comfortable bed and a roof over our heads.  Our first 2 nights we stayed in Jalan Petaling on the doorstep of Petaling Street.  This is the spot to be to experience the nightlife of China Town where numerous vendors sell anything from watches to “original” copies of clothes.  Being in sales for most of my career, I realised there is still a lot to be learned from these ambitious vendors.   We paid RM 80 p/d for a double bed and 1 single bed, aircon and Wifi. 


  • Zero Hour hotel (Bukit Bintang): Even though the hotel is on top of a 24 hour convenience store, we had a balcony to witness this part of town coming to life at night.  From 5pm food vendors start packing chairs in the road, live music sounds through the filled streets and the festivities carry on until 5am!!!  The room were spacious and we were right in the centre of Bintang.  Within walking distance to the famous Bintang street where you will find food vendors serving a variety of foods – Thai, Vietnam, Indian, Western and Malay. What an experience! We paid RM 78/night for a triple room.

    Zero Hour Hotel

    Zero Hour Hotel, Bukit Bintang


The best and most reliable mode of transport is definitely UBER.  Far more cheaper than the taxis and readily available.  We also made use of the monorail and LRT (trains) – very cheap but you will have to know your routes and it was packed most of the times.


  • Hop-on-Hop-Off Bus :  We decided to try this out to see where the top spots in KL were. A 24 hour ticket costs RM99 for 2 adults and 2 children.  Hop on and off as many times as you wish.

    Hop On Hop Off Bus Route Map

    Hop On Hop Off Bus Route Map

  • Petronas Towers: 
    Petronas Twin Towers

    The Petronas Twin Towers

    Our highlight of this trip.  We admired the towers during the day and night.  We just couldn’t put our cameras down.  The towers are majestic!! From 17h00 the Lake Symphony Water Fountain show just makes these towers more magical.  Free of charge if you don’t go up the towers.




KLCC Playground

KLCC Playground

  • KLCC Playground:  This is the biggest playground we’ve ever seen! The kids were in 7th heaven with all the jungle gyms, slides and swings.  The cherry on top was the lovely kiddies splash pool … all free of charge. 



  • Suria KLCC: 
    Suria KLCC Mall

    Lots of floors-Suria

    A lovely air conditioned mall to spend some time in, lots of floors with lots of food courts! We had the best pizza here! 













We were greeted with smiles by all and people even offered their seats to us on the trains.  This is a city with warm hearted and welcoming people.  Alcohol is on the expensive side, but the food is excellent, decent servings and very cheap.  We will definitely recommend anyone to explore this beautiful place…with or without kids…

Watch our vlog on our time in KL.

Happy Wanderlusting!

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