WHY PAI??? THIS IS WHY! (Thailand)

Close to the Myanmar border and about 3 hours drive northwest from Chiang Mai you will find this small little town at the foot of the mountains.  Welcome to Pai, Thailand!

Getting There

What is the best way to get to Pai?   Stick to the main road straight from Chiang Mai to Pai.

Chiang Mai to Pai

The Road to Pai


Things To Do in PAI


    After I saw the photo’s and the drone footage I was quite relieved that my hubby left us to sleep in.  My nerves would not have made it with my two girls with no fear of heights…my nerves barely makes it with my highly adventurous husband.  This is the perfect place for a sunset selfie, but leave the kids at home!

    –> The true meaning of “Living on the Edge”.




Being from South Africa, wildlife lies very close to our heart. We could therefore not help but to observe elephant camps with a very critical eye.  Much to our delight, we can confirm that these beautiful elephants at Thom’s Elephant Camp are happy and healthy elephants.  We arrived at Thom’s late at night.  Awakened by the crackling sound of grasses under the gigantic elephant slippers as they returned from their night’s rest in the mountain, strolling past our bungalow.    We enjoyed our scrumptious breakfast at the restaurant overlooking the elephants.  Right after breakfast we spent some time with these gentle giants, feeding them bananas and leaves.  All for a small donation.  No chains involved whatsoever! Back in our bungalow (about 2 hours later), we witnessed the elephants going back to the fields to roam in the open, in total harmony with their mahouts. Thom grew up with elephants and we spent some time talking to her.  Her love for elephant’s are very evident. Even away from the eyes of the tourists, she was walking next to her beautiful elephant, talking and laughing at whatever it was that he was doing.  We would definitely recommend to spend a night at Thom’s Elephant Camp – the accommodation is beautiful!



From 5pm you can head to the Pai walking street where you will find lots of vendors selling the tastiest foods and some the most extreme foods.  Here you will find anything from worms, chicken feet to the most tastiest mango sticky rice.  Lots and lots of souvenirs to choose from. Don’t forget your PAI t-shirt!!


This historical bridge was built by the Japanese during World War II.  It was built over the Pai river to establish a route from Chiang Mai in order to attack Burma.  Elephants were used to drag trees from the jungle and local villagers were forced to build this bridge.  After the war the Japanese burnt down the bridge, but it was rebuilt again by the local villagers.   At the entrance of the bridge we were treated to some good music by a local musician.


    Treat yourself to the most spectacular photo opportunities in Pai’s Rice Paddy fields.


These are the two places we stayed at that we can highly recommend.

Swimming at Pai My Guest Resort

Pai My Guest Resort Swimming Pool


Pai is a small town with a big heart.  No wonder so many backpackers roam the streets of Pai. With it’s beautiful nature scenes and unique culture, it’s definitely worth paying Pai a visit.

Watch our video on our time in Pai.

Grab that map and hit the road!

Safe travels!!


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