Exploring Sarawak’s Kuching…with kids

Travel guide and tips for exploring Kuching

Kuching is the capital of Sarawak and home to the most hospitable people. Here your tastebuds will also be treated to the most extraordinary tastes and flavours.

Getting Around

Drive around by making use of the local bus system or alternatively just order a Grab car on your mobile.  Our hotel was centrally located so we safely walked to most places in the city.  Several friendly people even offered us a ride.

Our Most Favourite Restaurants in Kuching

  • Chong Choon Cafe – This restaurant serves the best Sarawak Laksa in Kuching.  It is a must try and also Kuching’s signature dish.  The little ones can dig into a lovely English Breakfast or some toasted treats.  Go early as this restaurant is very popular.  They are open from 6:30am – 12:30pm. Check out our VLOG.
  • Top Spot Food Court – They serve the best seafood in town.  This foodcourt is on the roof of a parking garage. Several stalls display a wide variety of seafood even stingrays!  After you make a selection, the fish gets weighed and prepared according to your preference whether it be grilled or fried. We had the Nestum Prawns (my favourite) and a Stingray. 
  • Duckies Kitchen – The top place to try out the most tasty and tender duck dishes. 
  • V5 Bistro – A lovely self service bar to grab a beer and have a chat with the friendly local people. No food, but they do have snacks available.
    V5 Bistro

    Grab an ice cold beer at V5 Bistro

    Things to do in Kuching

  • Kuching Waterfront – Lovely to stroll around the Sarawak river on the lively lit up sidewalks.  A couple of vendors will invite you to indulge in Kuching’s famous 9-layered cake. So tasty!!  We loved just sitting on a bench and checking out the local people passing by. 
  • Explore all the Cats of Kuching – Kuching is known as the “Cat City”.  Several cat monuments can be found all over the city.  You can even visit the Cat museum.


  • Bako National Park – We took an one hour bus ride to Bako National Park where we hiked to the top of a hill to view the spectacular Cobra’s head for which Bako is most famous for.  After our hike (about 2.5km one way), we took a boat back to the headquarters.  It’s quite a challenging trail for kids, be prepared and take lots of water, sunscreen and wear proper hiking shoes.  We did the route with flip-flops which made it quite a challenge.  It is so beautiful and they offer different types of trails. Watch our day of hiking. 

When traveling Malaysia, this is most definitely not a city to be missed.  Do yourself a favour and book the flight to Borneo to discover the beautiful and friendly people of Kuching.  You will not be disappointed.

Happy Wanderlusting!


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