A Travel Guide to One Of Malaysia’s Most Beautiful Islands


  • Stay over in Mersing –> We traveled by bus to Mersing and because our arrival time and the departure time of the ferry was within one hour, we decided to rather spend a night in Mersing, just to be on the safe side.  We stayed at Muara Inn which is within walking distance to the jetty, surrounded by restaurants and right across from a laundromat.Laundromat
  • Get to the Jetty early!! You have to stand in 3 different queues.  Buy your tickets (RM35/adult and RM30/child one way) then
    • 1) Register your name on a list
    • 2) Pay Tioman Island fee  (RM20/adult)
    • 3) Pay Marine park fee. (RM30/adult)

NB! Make sure about the ferry time schedule as it depends on the tides. Know the jetty where you need to get off in Tioman.

Traveling to Tioman from Mersing Jetty

Counters at Mersing Jetty

Where to Stay

  • Upmarket –> Berjaya Tioman Resort  We would recommend this beautiful resort for a family holiday.  Dine in style at the beautiful restaurants on site and enjoy a sundowner at the festive beach bar with the most amazing sunsets. This resort offers a range of activities to cater for the whole family. Even a beautiful golf course!
    Tioman beach bar

    Time for some sundowners


  • Midrange –> Selesa Tioman Condotel These apartments are self catering.  It is quite far out of town and a challenge to get to town.  It is situated right next to Berjaya and there is a shuttle every hour that could take you to the resort’s restaurants.  We really enjoyed Selesa’s sparkling pool.  Selesa did sell chips and soda’s, but an onsite restaurant would’ve made this the perfect place to stay. Watch our Vlog for more. 

Budget –> Panuba Inn Resort This was our most favourite place on the island. The rooms have views to die for, it has an onsite restaurant with great and cheap food.  It has its own private beach and when in need for some adventure, do a jungle trek to Monkey bay on the one side or another jungle trek to the village.  See more on our Vlog.


Tioman accommodation

Panuba Inn Resort

What to Do in Tioman

  • Shipwrecks around the island makes this a very popular scuba dive site
  • Snorkelling at the small uninhabited islands nearby
  • Jungle Trekking to other parts of the island
  • Rent a bicycle to explore the island

    Tioman Snorkel

    Uninhabited island Snorkelling Spot



The cheapest mode of transport is sea taxi’s.  We got a sea taxi from Tekuk to go to Panuba. Alternatively, rent a bicycle or walk.  This is not a big island with little inhabitants and very few roads.

We truly enjoyed exploring this beautiful island.  Tioman Island is duty free, so you can also find great discounts which is a win when traveling on a budget.  This is an island not to be missed when visiting Malaysia.

Happy Wanderlusting!!


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