Picky Little Eaters in a Foreign Country -Tips on where and what to eat in Koh Samui…with kids…

To all the fellow moms and dads out there with little picky eaters, I just want to say…. good luck in an Asian country!!! What a mission to get any food (not to mention unknown fruits and vegetables) into their little stubborn mouths.


What are you feeding me!!

Food was quite an unforeseen challenge and boy oh boy, what a power struggle this turned out to be!  I went back in time to 6-month old babies trying solids for the first time and spitting it right out. (P.S.  don’t get overexcited and buy bulk instant noodles when you find it in a grocery store – it is extremely spicy).

Good news:  It did get better and the girls started getting used to the very strange eastern tastes.

Bad news:  It took 30 days and we left for our next country…



Foods for picky eaters:

  1. Pad Thai – stir fried noodles (chicken) always a winner!


    Pad Thai

  2. Fried rice – Not spicy and fried with small pieces of vegetables
  3. Chicken satay – chicken skewers
  4. Thai flat noodles – very tasty mixed with meat and vegetables
  5. Pizza – the best pizzas you will find in Koh Samui –> The Pizza Boy
  6. Best dessert – Nutella pancake (with condensed milk) from many street vendors and also coconut ice cream.


    Nutella Pancakes








  • The kids loved eating/playing with chop sticks, it turned out to be a lot of fun trying to get the food into their mouths…mission accomplished!
  • When all else fails –> switch to bribing mode…the all time winner: Sweets!! If you eat at least half of the food, you can have a nutella pancake.


Child friendly restaurants/bars in Koh Samui:

  • Tiki Tiki Beach restaurant in Lamai beach – Here you will find a sparkling swimming pool open to the public. They also serve western food – we had pizza and baguettes. The prices are reasonable and it’s right on the beach!!

    Tiki Tiki Baguette

    Enjoying a healthy baguette at Tiki Tiki

  • Dolphin Cocktail bar – So much fun with games on the tables, keeping the kids entertained while you can sip on an ice cold Pina Colada! The cocktails are cheap (70 Baht) and the beer also the cheapest you will find (50 Baht).  They have free wi-fi and roof fans (very important)!  Great spot to check out all the tourists passing by.
  • Dophin Cocktail Bar

    Games at the Dolphin Cocktail Bar

    Kob Thai restaurant – Away from the beach but they have a great swimming pool! Lovely huts around the swimming pool with fans to cool you off.  We can recommend the chicken flat noodle dish.

    Kob Thai restaurant

    Enjoying some flat noodles at the Kob Thai restaurant

  • Rock bar  – Right next to the Hin Ta Hin Yai rocks. Such a cool rustic and rocky place to hang out.  Fresh air and good old Bob Marley to remind you about  One Love! One Heart! While you take in the beauty of the island from this hidden spot, the kids can play on the small private beach right in front of the bar.

    Rock Bar, Lamai

    The Rock Bar

  • Chill Inn Beach Cafe – The name says it all!!  Mattresses on stilts where you can just lie and sip on your beer while being mesmerised by the sound of the ocean.  The kids loved it here! Beer is cheap and the food is cheap! We can recommend the green chicken curry (not for kids) and the chicken wings for the kids!

    Chill Inn

    Chilling at Chill Inn

  • Cocktails by Pik – Super cool place where all the Super Heroes hang out. The kids were entertained by the 3m tall Hulk, Batman and Iron man! All in one place.


    Cocktails by Pik

  • Mira Mare Restaurant -Right on Lamai beach.  The chocolate pancakes are a must! Great food and great prices.  You can also use their sun loungers on the beach.


Mira Mare chocolate pancakes
Bribe foods – Chocolate pancakes

I would love to hear about your power struggles with the little ones to get them to try out new food! Please comment and share any tips 🙂

Watch our vlog!

Happy Wanderlusting!!

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